What we do

We identify the marketing and communications needs of each company and craft plans that help connect their businesses with their most important stakeholders, whether they are the media, customers, partners, influencers, employees or the blogsphere.

Through a deep understanding of clients’ business goals, we develop compelling narratives that communicate the story of their brands, create an impact and deliver results.

We serve clients throughout the U.S. and Latin America from our base in Miami.

Our Services

Why Us

We fully understand the cultural nuances, the languages and the key challenges of the markets where we operate. We leverage our world class marketing and communications expertise to develop strategies that will best help advance our clients’ business goals.

Ernesto Ortiz

Marketing and communications professional with 20+ years of experience advising companies and coaching executives in the U.S., Latin America and Brazil

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Brian Byrnes

Communications, journalism and PR professional with proven ability to identify, position, and present news, ideas, and brands to diverse global audiences

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Brands we have worked with


Americas Connection will:

Conduct in-depth analysis of the business

Research the competitive landscape and the target audiences

Provide diagnosis and define KPIs

Design a strategy to capitalize on key opportunities

Effectively implement the plan

Evaluate results and establish next steps



Identify most relevant business opportunities for your product/service

Position your company, product or service in a captivating way

Connect with the key stakeholders

Build credibility, establish a strong reputation by leveraging your strengths

Leverage the most effective communications channels to persuade and influence